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A new generation of capability.
The first helmet for any season.
Mix and match the two piece shell to create the optimal setup for any type of day.

The cold weather option keeps the heat where it belongs, while allowing both your head and goggles to breathe through strategically positioned vents.
Behold a massive, adjustable chimney vent, for those days in the mountains when you regret having worn that extra layer.

And unlike most, you can operate this one while wearing gloves.
Reinvented Airflow
The hottest days deserve the largest vents.  With 21 of them, the warm-weather shell steers tons of air right where you want it.

Clean lines and clever design make this a standout for multiple reasons.
Colors to Make and Take an Impact
So many color combinations, your wardrobe will take notice.

Because head protection shouldn't be so boring.
Never Hang It Up
This isn't made to sit on the shelf during the workweek.

The high-visibility shell option is perfect for commuting.

Versatility like this means the same superior comfort and safety any day of the year.
Does your existing helmet have this?
Probably not.

XRD foam is soft like memory foam, but firms upon impact, providing better protection against medium-speed collisions. The result is superior impact performance to existing helmet liners, along with the elimination of 'hot spots' on your head.
Other helmets rely exclusively on hard EPS foam, which is primarily designed to protect against catastrophic impacts – not concussions.  It's no wonder why XRD is used in many high-end hockey helmets.
Ergonomic Earpads
Most ear pads press your ear against the side of your head.  These are not those ear pads.
Removable, ergonomically shaped to cup your ear, and lined with fleece, these were actually designed with comfort in mind.
Magnetic Buckle
Strapping it on with gloves no longer results in pinching and profanity.
Fidlock's ingenious, patented buckle design allows it to be opened or closed with just one hand.
Low-Profile Strap Splitter
Bulging, unmanageable straps next to your face are old news.

Our custom strap anchors result in a cleaner, hassle-free fit.
Simplified Fit System
A proper fit is key to safety.

Featuring a simple, adjustable fit system.
the last helmet
you'll ever need.
All helmets are in compliance with both CPSC and ASTM standards for bike and ski helmets, respectively.
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